Are the filters completely removed minerals contained in the tap water
Are the filters completely removed minerals contained in the tap water
Listopad 12, 2018
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Can a removable filter be used longer than one month, if we rarely filter water

Filtered tap water can be an interesting alternative to bottled water. Thanks to filtering jugs, we can get clean and valuable water, which we can then use for any meal or drink immediately after filtering.

Filtering jugs have removable filters that can be successfully adapted to your requirements or tap water condition. These filters can enrich the water with sodium, calcium and potassium ions, and can also mineralize and remove the scale.

For efficient filter jugs, it is recommended to regularly replace the filter cartridge with a new filter cartridge. The suggested date for filter replacement is 30 days after unpacking. We often meet the question of whether the replaceable filter can be used for more than one month if we rarely filter water? Answering this question is worth emphasizing one issue: the filter placed in our jug has activated carbon, which is responsible for the removal of chlorine and other pollutants from the water. This carbon is impregnated with an adequate amount of silver, which guarantees us the sterility and proper functioning of the filter. Of course, if the filter is changed with a few days delay, the quality of our water will not drop dramatically. However, for satisfactory results, it is recommended to change it regularly every 30 days, no matter how much water the filter has been filtered at this time. If during this month, a scale appears on the kettle heater, the filter should also be replaced with a new one. The period of 30 days is a statistical period, i.e. as a result it may be less or more. Always observe the appearing scale.

Some jugs from the Polish Dafi producer have manual indicators that suggest when the filter should be replaced with a new one. They show us the right date. Jugs are also equipped with colored diodes that indicate the condition of filter wear. The orange light comes on when the filter needs to be replaced within 7 days and the red light when the filter needs to be replaced immediately.

Such facilities allow us to enjoy healthy and clean water without interruption. Dafi jug informs us about the replacement of the cartridge for a new one, without the need to memorize the dates.

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