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Can filtered water be given to children and infants

Can filtered water be given to children and infants

The good of our children is the most important to us. At every step, we try to choose the best and the healthiest products for them. This applies to food as well as clothing and toys. When buying food for our children, we read labels very carefully and we take care to provide them with the highest quality products.

In the same way we behave choosing water to drink. We all know that our little ones should be given water between meals, but the question is: what water is right for them? Does it always have to be boiled water from the kettle? Can filtered water be given to children and babies?

Filtered water for children and infants

Filter jugs from the Polish manufacturer Dafi effectively remove chlorine and other harmful substances from tap water. They perfectly cope with heavy metals and noticeably improve the taste of water. The filtered water is much cleaner than tap water, and it is also safer. Certainly, it can be used to prepare meals for children. Thanks to Dafi jugs the water is free of scale, which usually settles on the heater of the kettle. The water is clear and noticeably cleaner. Thanks to the effective operation of the filter, we can give filtered water to a child who is one year old. In order to be able to enjoy healthy and tasty water continuously, Polish manufacturer of jugs have been equipped with a counter which shows us when the filter should be replaced with a new one.

Dafi jugs for the whole family

The Polish manufacturer’s offer includes a wide range of products that will meet our needs. If we have a large family, we can buy a 3-liter jug or smaller. The types of filters should be adapted to the condition and purpose of the water. We can choose from alkaline filters that enrich tap water with sodium, calcium and potassium ions, as well as water-mineralizing MG+ filters. The filter lasts for a very long time. What’s more, the indicator mounted on the jug will inform you about the need to replace the filter.

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