Are the filters completely removed minerals contained in the tap water
Are the filters completely removed minerals contained in the tap water
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Dafi filtering jug
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Can we drink water straight from the tap after filtering it in a Dafi jug

Consumption of  the right amount of water is extremely important for our body. Not everyone is aware of how important it is for its proper functioning. The water consumed during meals facilitates digestion and also supports the work of the heart, kidneys and liver in our body. The right amount of water consumed can help cleanse the body of toxins and make the skin elastic and moisturized. We know quite a lot about its properties, but what water will be suitable for drinking? Can we drink tap water after filtering it in a Dafi water jug?

Drinking tap water from the Dafi jug

Tap water does not have to be unhealthy. We do not have to replace it with bottled water. Now our tap water may have the same quality as bottled water. All thanks to the use of popular Dafi jugs. They are extremely easy to use and effective in purifying tap water. Filtered tap water is deprived of harmful heavy metals and is softened so that we can avoid a scale on household appliances. If you are wondering if you can drink water straight from the tap. The answer is: If you filter tap water in a Dafi jug, you can definitely drink it without boiling it. If our Dafi pot is equipped with a MG + or pH + filter, the water is purified and enriched with valuable minerals. Thus filtered water can be drunk directly from the jug.

Tasty and healthy water due to Dafi jugs

Thanks to a wide range of filter cartridges for Dafi jugs, we can customize them to our needs. We can use filters that will help prevent scale deposition and also those that will improve water composition. If we like to have tasty and healthy water always close at hand, we can also use Dafi bottles, which will provide us with access to filtered water even outside the home.

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