Can we drink water straight from the tap after filtering it in a Dafi jug
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Can filtered water be given to children and infants
Can filtered water be given to children and infants
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Dafi filtering jug

There are many signs of hard water: changed taste and smell (although other factors are responsible), scale in the kettle and on bathroom and kitchen fittings, coffee and tea sludge inside the dishes, degraded washing performance (which requires more detergents to be used). The first two symptoms are probably the easiest to notice, but they are also the easiest to eliminate – due to filtering water in a special pitcher. For a long time I have been using such a pitcher with my husband and we like this solution very much. In my family home for almost two months, we use just such a pitcher of the Polish Dafi brand, which belongs to the Kielce company Formaster. This pitcher was awarded with a prize in the competition.

This inconspicuous pitcher has many advantages due to a small filter cartridge that effectively purifies tap water from scale, chlorine, pesticides, rust and other mechanical and organic impurities. As my husband explained: The insert of the filter consists of a filter bed, i.e. activated carbon, which absorbs contamination and chlorine in the tap water, and an ionizing bed that softens the water. The construction of the pitcher allows for a gravitational fall of poured water, due to which it has a relatively long contact with the filter bed. Dafi offers five types of filter cartridges: Unimax, Classic, Classic for very hard water, Aquamag and Aquamag Unimax; the last two filters additionally enrich water with magnesium. Unimax cartridges are adapted to filter larger amounts of water, which is recommended for people who cook a lot and often. Thanks to these contributions, we may easily and quickly (1-2 minutes) filter the water in a pitcher to prepare a soup or goulash. Depending on the degree of water hardness, this cartridge works effectively for about 30 days. After this time, the filter should be replaced to ensure constant access to clean and tasty water. The Classic cartridge is designed for people whose demand for filtered water is not large, that’s why its performance is slightly lower than the Unimax cartridge. The Classic System is a good solution for those who mainly prepare drinks in the kitchen and they cook much less. It is important to regularly exchange Classic cartridges every 30 days, which serves the effectiveness and hygiene of filtering. The time of effective operation of Aquamag cartridges is about 4 weeks.

The great advantage is the fact that Dafi pitchers offer is diversified, that is why we can adapt the right models to our needs. We differentiate the following pitchers:

A / capacity – we may choose from pitchers with a capacity of 3 liters, 4 liters, 2.4 liters;

B / indicator of water consumption – it can be an electric display or a manual indicator;

C / open filler (with filling sieve) or closed filler (with the flap falling under the pressure of the water stream);

D / type of filter – I have described them above.

Filter wear indicator recall its monthly replacement.  Each type of indicator is activated after inserting a new cartridge into the pitcher. The date of cartridge replacement is marked on the manual display by hand. On the other hand, the electronic indicator is connected to the hinged flap. When the flap drops under water pressure, the indicator charges one filling of the pitcher. After 80-90 refills of the pitcher, the filter should be replaced, and the indicator should be reset by pressing the flap down three times. The flap also protects the interior of the pitcher against dirt and dust. After opening the filler, we put a pitcher under the stream of running tap water and 1-2 minutes of filtering, we can enjoy the taste of pure water and use it for cooking.

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